The Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Walker Scooter

Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee scooter comes with a great substitute to crutches. It has a comfortable and painless experience to patients coping with sprains, foot surgery, foot ulcers and amputations. It comes with large 8-inch diameter casters that offer maximum control either way indoor and outdoor use. The unique and trendy design featured within this Knee Walker renders it easily adjustable to meet your needs while facilitating maneuverability. The sturdy dual frame and ergonomic design gives it to be able to comfortably accommodate a maximum weight of 300 pounds.
Most customers on Amazon depicted it as an ultimate rollator walker that proved helpful for the kids. They liked the fact that it must be light-weight and may collapsible easily for convenient storage and transportation. It provided them exceptional comfort since it could be lowered to a appropriate height which fits the user’s kneeling height. The rubber handlebar grips were soft and sticky to assure good grip even if your hands are wet. The one-cushioned seat increased for the durability, comfort and strength of the Scooter. Many customers found this more efficient especially when in comparison with alternative mixers incorporate inferior fabrics and foams. It provided great control and smooth movement, as a result of its dual braking mechanism that minimized on the potential of accidents. It offered great versatility in relation to usage, allowing users to venture into a variety of places also since the rough terrains. This allowed easy accessibility to essential services. Overall, it improved for the riding experience of the sufferers while at the same time guaranteeing exceptional safety and comfort. This walker needs a rating of 4.7 from a 5-star scale.

KEY FEATURES - Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Scooter

Tool free height adjustment

This selection is geared towards guaranteeing comfort, security and safety of the patient. The walker features a changeable height array of 33 inches - 37.5 inches. The opportunity to be adjusted on the correct height eliminates the inconveniences resulting from excessive straining so as to deal with a specific height. This kind of feature renders these devices suitable for most users with varied heights. Moreover, the height of the extra-thick leg pad can even be adjusted. This is often channeled to offer enhanced stability, which results in to a painless and comfortable user experience.

Lightweight and foldable design

This selection is beneficial, especially when pushing the walker around. Its lightweight of just 19 pounds requires less effort with regards to maneuvering. The walker can even be easily folded away for effective transportation and storage. As it requires small storage space, the scooter can comfortably easily fit in the spine of a vehicles. This makes it simple to take along on those long trips.

Large 8 inch casters

The casters increase for the versatility of the device. This enables that it is used inside house and also outside for the rough terrain. The additional-large diameter wheels actually cope with uneven and bumpy surfaces, be it grass on or rough road surfaces. They assist you to achieve folding and rolling maneuvers for effective storage and transportation. Additionally, they increase for the stability of the walker, thanks on their large footprint. With your wheels, users be capable of execute a great deal of tasks like heading out for shopping or simply just strolling inside the neighborhood.

Dual brake system

The incorporated deluxe dual lever brakes are supposed to guarantee safety of the user. Using its very easy to apply mechanism, users can instantly bring the scooter to a halt. This effective brakes may also be ideal especially when parking on sloping surface. It prevents the walker from accidentally rolling out of the user. Additionally, the brakes are of great help when creating tight turns. This comes from the truth that they can basically be applied for a passing fancy side which an individual is turning. Therefore it makes it much easier to make tighter turns. Engaging the brakes does not need much effort. This allows recuperating patients to function.

Weight Capacity 300 Pounds

The Walker has the capacity to accommodate great weight capacities all the way to 300lbs. This makes it a great choice specifically senior patients who cannot support their weight for the knees. The durable and sturdy aluminum frame encourage the walker to endure for years.

PROS - Drive Medical 790 Knee Scooter

  1.  It can easily be assembled and adjusted with regards to height
  2.  The Steerable Knee Walker features lightweight for convenient transportation
  3.  Could be folded for convenient storage and transportation
  4.  Has strong brakes and brake locking mechanism for increased security and safety
  5.  Feature high stability and sturdiness to allow for weight capacities all the way to 300lbs
  6.  Contoured bench supports shin and knee comfortably
  7.  The Scooter is not hard to steer which makes it very easy to negotiates small areas
  8.  Has large 8-inch diameter wheels that can be used indoor and outdoor


The 790 Steerable Knee Walker from Drive Medical receives high customer reviews and ratings on various online sites. One of many sites featuring a high number of reviews is Amazon. It boasts of a total of 687 reviews.
Coming from all the reviews, likely to average star rating of 4.5 stars out of the possible 5. This is a pretty high rating, particularly in comparison to other alternative units. Most customers are in awe of its is completely safe features.

CONS - Drive Medical 790 Knee Scooter

  1.  Making turns is quite tricky in tight spaces
  2.  The Drive Walker bars need to get attached to the walker’s body
  3.  This Drive Knee Walker comes to parts that demand putting together, though no instructions
  4.  The person must be an individual with good balance
Inspite of the few mentioned drawbacks, this walker is a superb mobility device. It not merely gives you deal and also guarantees you exceptional comfort which is quite crucial in attaining a powerful and speedy recovery.

CONCLUSION about Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee walker scooter

The increasing availability of the Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee scooter results from its reliability as well as durability with regards to usage. The walker enables an individual to empower himself/herself and grants the liberty of motion required during difficult and seeking times. Despite some few setbacks, Drive Medical’s Steerable rolling Knee Walker will assist you to ignore the unpleasant experiences associated with the aid of crutches.